Dr. Travis Stork, in between shifts in the emergency room in Nashville, comes into your house everyday via “The Doctors” to dispense information and advice on a variety of medical topics. But before he was a doctor on TV, he was a bachelor and he says he has nothing but fond memories of the show.

“I just saw Sarah (Stone), whom I chose, last week. She’s doing great. She’s happily married,” Dr. Stork tells Zap2it on the set of “The Doctors.” “You know what, that’s the great thing about that experience — it’s different for everyone and I made some great friends. It was a long time ago, but it’s been great to keep in touch with some of the women that I met. Nothing but fond memories.”

ABC recently announced that the next “Bachelor” would be a second-timer — Brad Womack, who was on the show three years ago. And while Dr. Stork did enjoy his time, he doesn’t think he could do it again.

“Let me unequivocally state – I am much more comfortable being a doctor on TV than a bachelor. That’s a one time experience,” he laughs.

Look for a piece next week about Dr. Stork’s experience on “The Doctors” and what we can expect on the program in the coming weeks.

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Video credit: Andrea Reiher, Zap2it

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