dodgers brawl diamondbacks lat Dodgers brawl with Diamondbacks, coaches join scrum   Watch the videoThe Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks got into an all-out brawl after trading multiple beanings from the mound. Dodgers coach Don Mattingly and Diamondbacks coach Turner Ward even jumped into the scrum, which ended with several players, coaches and personnel ejected.

The Los Angeles Times reports Dodgers darling Yasiel Puig was hit directly in the nose with a pitch by Ian Kennedy in the sixth inning. The Dodgers returned the volley when Zach Greinke took the mound and pelted D-backs catcher Miguel Montero on the back. Both benches emptied at that point, but order was restored and the umpires warned both teams.

When Greinke came up to bat in the seventh, Kennedy pegged him in the shoulder with a pitch and pure chaos ensued. Juan Uribe, Ronald Belisario and Luis Cruz reportedly led the Dodgers bench into a scrum in front of the Diamondbacks’ dugout. As several LA players scuffled with Coach Ward, Arizona third base coach grabbed Coach Mattingly’s jersey to hold him back.

Belisario threw several punches at Ward and relief pitcher J.P. Howell pushed the coach into a railing. Mark McGwire, the Dodgers’ hitting coach, went toe-to-toe with AZ manager Kirk Gibson. Puig also inserted himself into the scrum, throwing a punch at Arizona infielder Eric Hinske.

Kennedy, Belisario and Puig were eventually ejected from the game. Umps also gave marching orders to coaches Ward and McGwire, and manager Gibson. Watch the dramatic video below:

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