Move over, Marty Scorsese. Better watch your back, Clint Eastwood.

There are some new girls on the directing block.

Kirsten Dunst, Rita Wilson and Kate Hudson showed off their directorial skills at last night’s Glamour magazine "Reel Moments" premiere held at — where else — the Directors Guild in Los Angeles.

Hudson cast Kurt Russell, Dakota Fanning, Virginia Madsen, Chevy Chase and Kristen Stewart in "Cutlass," a story of family and traditions.

Dunst put Winona Ryder in her ghostly tale, "Welcome." And Wilson directed Jeanne ("Big Love")Tripplehorn in her film, "The Trap." Plus Rita sings the title song, "Lessons Learned," written by Diane Warren!

All the stories were submissions to Glamour’s ongoing "Reel Moments" readers contest. This year’s task? Stories about finding happiness. And (duh) the contest was sponsored this year by Clinique, which just  happens to have a fragrance called Happy.

Check out all the ladies’ efforts by clicking HERE!

Photo credit: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead