That’s what Jimmy Kimmel wanted to know.
The talk show  host had ‘Twilight: New Moon’s” star-crossed trio of lovers, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart, on his show Saturday night. 
And of course, he had to ask some pointedly personal questions about all their romantic relationships.

]]>Taylor Lautner  and asked if he had any clue about what was really going on with Pattinson and Stewart.

“I wish I knew,” Lautner wisely responded.
Then Kimmel started interrogating — amusingly — Taylor if it was true that he was dating Taylor Swift.  Lautner replied: “Where did you see that?”

And  Kimmel joked: “When you’re making out, does Kanye West burst into the room or something?”

Now that would have been a funny “SNL” skit. 

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead