Just exactly how big and beautiful is Kim Kardashian‘s self-coined "big fat asset"?

Check out Kim’s sumptuous seat cushion in a recent photo shoot.

But wait a minute. Not a bimble, bulge, dimple or divot? The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star’s bikini-clad rear is mysteriously and suspiciously perfect. You don’t think that Kim’s rear view was doctored — as in, seriously Photoshopped?

And if so, how can Mischa Barton get hold of Kim’s masterful retoucher?

OK, before before you start calling us pervy for talking about Kim Kardashian’s rear view, check out these pix after the jump.

Kinda hard to ignore, isn’t it? And she seems so rightfully proud of it.




We rest our case.

Photos: Kim Kardashian shows off her finest asset — her rear view — at various events.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead