Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld’s latest fashion accessory is a pair of fingerless gloves. He now wears them constantly and they’ve totally surplanted his omnipresent fluttering fan, an ornament that he affected into the late ’80’s.

He’s even got Lindsay Lohan sporting fingerless leather Chanel gloves. Although at this point, she’s the only Hollywood hottie to show the glove love.

But turns out there may be a very deep-seated raison d’etre for Herr Karl’s finger fashion fetish.

]]> In the fascinating, well-documented and marvelously written book, “The Beautiful Fall,” by Alicia Drake, about Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent and the glorious excesses in the Paris fashion world in the 1970s,  she reveals Lagerfeld’s deep-seated insecurities about his own body.

Karllager_kurt_12657612_600 “He was self-conscious about the length of his arms and legs, but it was his hands that were the cause of greatest chagrin. He had been made to hate his hands by his mother, who had told Karl ever since he was a boy that she disliked them."

"Karl’s cousin, Kurt Lagerfeld remembers that she used to call them ‘farmer’s hands’ or worse, ‘peasant’s hands.’ They were, in fact, Lagerfeld hands, like those of his father, strong with thick fingers. But his mother’s criticism marked Karl and his hands became a source of considerable anguish.”

Amazing that a designer’s insecurities can kick off a fashion trend that gets picked up Hollywood trendies.

As to why Lindsay likes to wear Lagerfeld’s gloves, I doubt it’s due to hand hatred. It’s probably because she wants to please Herr Karl. And she thinks it’s ‘cool.’

I seriously doubt La Lohan has read “The Beautiful Fall.” But she should. In fact, it should be required reading at whatever rehab – Promises, Threats, Stern Warnings – she’s now in.

There are some obvious parallels to her own privileged, insulated and self-absorbed lifestyle: fame, money, success, alcohol, drugs, and in the end, self-destruction. Or re-creation.

Maybe she’ll choose the latter. Maybe she’ll start by tossing those stupid Chanel gloves.


Photo Credits: Lohan and Lagerfeld share the glove love. Jessica Simpson may be too dim to notice the pair’s twin style statement/finger pact.
Eric Charbonneau
Photo Credits: Peasant’s hands? Not tucked into a pair of Chanel gloves, they aren’t.
Kurt Vinion/WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead