Hey, does this movie make me look fat?
Curvaceous Latin actress Salma Hayek is an international fashion icon and a regular red carpet hottie. But even icons have image issues. Word is Salma thinks she looks so pudgy in her new movie–"Lonely Hearts," a dark tale about two real-life ’40s-era serial killers/lovers–that she’s refused to support the movie. “Salma told us she doesn’t want to do any press because she thinks she looks too fat in the film,” said a "Hearts" insider, adding, “I wish I looked that fat.”
There are only two photos of Salma on the film’s website. Both are head shots. Hmmm. Might be worth catching the film when it opens in limited release on April 13 just to see what she’s so freaked out about. I haven’t seen it yet but an entertainment reporter who was at a screening this week says, “She’s fantastic in it. The costumes are amazing and she’s incredibly seductive. It’s a dark movie, no question, but her performance is up there with Faye Dunaway in ‘Bonnie and Clyde.’ ”

]]>Salma_waist_up"Hearts" also stars John Travolta, James Gandolfini and Jared Leto. And writer/director Todd Robinson knows the story inside out because his grandfather, Detective Elmer C. Robinson, helped capture and convict the killers and witnessed their execution in 1951 at Sing Sing Prison.

But despite an A-list cast and a fascinating back story, there won’t be a premiere or even a press junket. Why? Because of “talent availability,” say the folks at Insignia PR. But according to my source on the film, the truth is stranger.

In Travolta’s case, it has something to do with coughing up $30 grand to fuel his jet to fly to L.A. to do press. In Gandolfini’s case, he simply loathes giving interviews. Always has. Ask anyone who has or hasn’t been able to interview him. Leto? He’s said to be in Europe, or about to be. Or perhaps he’s in outer space with his band, 30 Seconds to Mars.

But the real killer is Salma saying she can’t do press because she looks too fat in the film. The movie was shot in 2005, long before Salma got pregnant. If she thinks she looked fat then, I hate to think how much she’s freaking out over her baby ballast. Here’s a bet: We won’t be seeing much of Hayek until after that bambino is born and she’s shed her pregnancy poundage.

Photo credits: Salma smolders as serial killer Martha Beck in her new film. Does she look fat in these photos to you? Me neither.
Photos courtesy of "Lonely Hearts"

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead