Meryl Streep talked “August: Osage County” during her “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” interview on Wednesday (Jan. 15), but she didn’t have nice things to say about all of her co-stars. No, Streep made it sound like Benedict Cumberbatch was aloof from the rest of the cast.

The possible insult occurred when Streep mentioned that she and much of the movie’s cast lived in a condo village in the Oklahoma town where they shot. There was only one holdout, it seems. “Benedict Cumberbatch was in a special hotel designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, which is in the center of Bartlesville,” Streep explains.

Jimmy Kimmel joked that the “Sherlock” actor might just be above it all: “When your name’s Benedict Cumberbatch, you can’t stay in a condominium.”

Streep laughed in response, pointing out: “You can’t cumberbatch down to where we are.”

Is this a joke between co-stars or is there really some resentment between Streep and Cumberbatch? We may never know.

Posted by:Laurel Brown