tag heuer tiger woods  Does Tag Heuer have time for Tiger Woods?
Every company seems to have a perfectly good excuse for dumping Tiger Woods as a product endorser. 
And it has nothing to do with the golf champ’s mortifying sex scandal involving a baker’s dozen of mistresses. 

]]>First Gillette, then Accenture. Even Gatoraid. Now Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer has removed all of their Australian in-store advertisements featuring Tiger Woods. 

Remember that his wife, Elin Nordegren is Swedish. You don’t think there’s a connection do you?
Of course, the watch company denies the removal of Tiger’s name and image (in Australia) has anything to do with the recent sex scandal. According to some sources, the company says it will keep Tiger onboard as their international time piece.
“We change our campaigns probably four or five times per annum,” said Tag Heuer general manager Philip Richard. of the reason for the Aussie snub. He insists that their promotion will no longer have a “golf focus.”
Tiger endorses the company’s Link line of upscale titanium watches aimed at golfers.
Um, OK.
Do you guys buy this explanation? Would you want your husband/boyfriend to wear a Tiger Woods watch? 
Maybe they could make one with 12 of his mistresses as the 12 hours in the day.
Painfully, the watch ad tagline reads: What are you made of?”  Wonder if Tiger will ask himself that question.