dog and beth bounty hunters cmt tca gi 'Dog and Beth: Bounty Hunters': The top 10 bizarre things learned during the TCA panel

Watch out, fans of “Dog the Bounty Hunter”! The show is expanding — “Dog and Beth: Bounty Hunters” is the next stage in the “natural evolution” of the reality series.

Not being a connoisseur of the bounty-hunting genre of television, the panel at the TCA winter press tour sort of confused me. It also entertained me. A lot. Here are the top 10 parts of the panel, from least bizarre to most.

10. Duane “Dog” and Beth Chapman have matching bleached-blond hair and heavy tans. Strangely, this only highlights how much this couple adores each other.

9. It’s hard to know how this happened, but Dog somehow worked the Newtown school shooting into his discussion of bounty-hunter training.

8. There’s a national association of bounty hunters. Really. And why not? If there can be an association of hamster lovers (attn: Justin Bieber), there definitely can and should be a national association for bounty hunters.

7. Leland Chapman (son of Dog and Beth) didn’t speak. Kind of a deer-in-headlights situation.

6. When Dog started this job in the 1970s, there were only three active bounty hunters. Now there are more than 15,000 of them. That’s a lot of bounty hunters.

5. “You also have the right to be re-arrested.” — Beth Chapman (I just don’t know what this means.)

4. “Everyone else wants to be around them.” — An extremely clean-cut producer talking about the decidedly not clean-cut Dog and Beth

3. Beth Chapman has strong views about violence, crime and gun control. I’m just not sure what those views are.

2. “They’re going to behave exactly the same way, no matter what the laws.” The show’s producer, probably not saying what he thought he was saying.

1. “And we’re on a mission from God. That’s the main thing.” — Dog’s final words as the panel ended for the day.

Posted by:Laurel Brown