Dog bites anchor.jpgAn 85-pound Argentine mastiff Gladiator Maximus, also known as Max, bit news anchor Kyle Dyer in the face on live television. She was doing a follow up story on his dramatic rescue from the ice after chasing a coyote into a Colorado lake.

Firefighter Tyler Sugaski, who put on a wetsuit and rescued the dog, was also being interviewed when the attack occurred. In the video, the dog looks calm while Dyer pets him, but then suddenly lunges for her face. The owner was holding him at the time.

Meghan Hughes, spokeswoman for the Denver Environmental Health
department, said owner Michael Robinson of Lakewood was cited with
failure to have his dog on a leash, allowing a dog to bite and failure
to have a vaccinated dog. Max is in quarantine until a hearing can be scheduled.

Posted by:jbusch