dog shoots owner pistol florida gi Dog shoots owner with pistol, avoids criminal charges

They say that guns don’t kill people — people kill people. But what about dogs?

That’s a question that we may have to ask in a strange case out of Florida in which a dog shot its owner with a pistol.

Gregory Dale Lanier, 35, a resident of Frostproof, Florida was shot by his own dog on Saturday (Feb. 23). The Highlands Today newspaper reported that the man and his dog were driving in a truck when the dog accidently kicked a gun lying on the floor. The .380 pistol then went off and shot the man in the leg. Lanier claims that he did not know the gun was loaded.

Police have ruled that the shooting was accidental, and the owner’s injury was not serious.

Frighteningly enough, this is not the first case of “dog shoots man” violence reported in today’s crazy world. Reports from 2011 indicated that a Texas man was shot in the thigh by his dog on the way to a deer hunt, while a French man had his right hand amputated in September 2012 after his dog shot a gun while trying to cuddle with its owner.

It looks like dog-related gun violence might indeed be on the rise.

Posted by:Laurel Brown