Acclaimed "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Milan has advice for the first family — who are admittedly nervous novice dog owners – about training their new young Portuguese water dog, Bo.

He tells "Inside Edition," "He [Bo] doesn’t know he lives in the White House, he doesn’t know he lives with the Obamas, he just knows that he lives with somebody who is learning to be a pack leader.”

In more way than one, Cesar. In more ways than one.

And it make take a village. or at least, the whole family. “I think everybody has to participate because the dog doesn’t understand this is the Secret Service, this is the FBI, this is my grandmother.”

First rule for paparazzi and dog fans. Sasha and Malia must tell people to follow these rules: "no touch, no talk, no eye contact. ’Let my dog come to you’ because when people go to a dog … the energy, the excitement can lead into a dog controlling the situation.”

What are the first signs that Bo is not getting enough understanding and exercise?  "If he starts acting out in different ways like digging holes, excessive barking, jumping on people, grabbing things and taking things away."

And don't forget eating tomatoes, as President Obama told the world that this breed loves on video Tuesday.

But gallivanting on the White House lawn is not enough exercise for Bo. Neither are carefree romps in Rock Creek Park near Georgetown.

He will need long, disciplined and controlled walks with his new family members.

“A dog park is not so much exercise.  It’s more like the Chuck E. Cheese.”

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Photo: Associated Press

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead