dogs of titanic anniversary widener university Dogs of Titanic: 12 aboard, three survivedSmall dogs occasionally get a bad rap, but apparently size mattered when it came to the pups that survived the sinking of the Titanic on April 15, 1912.

“The dogs that survived were so small that it’s doubtful anyone even realized they were being carried to the lifeboats,” J. Joseph Edgette, curator of a Widener University exhibit that will feature the dogs of the Titanic, tells Yahoo. “Two were Pomeranians and the third was a Pekingese, all tiny dogs.”

Eyewitness accounts and the ship’s records indicate there were 12 dogs on board the Titanic. And normally, there would have been at least one cat on the ship to keep the rat population down, but some reports say the Titanic’s mouser may have had a vision of what was to come.

“It’s said that there was a cat with young kittens aboard the sea trials of the Titanic but when the ship arrived in Southampton from Belfast, she was seen disembarking,” Edgette says. “Up and down the gangplank she went, retrieving one kitten at a time that she deposited on the dock. She and the kittens quickly disappeared and it was later said that she had some sort of premonition that the voyage wasn’t going to be a good one.” 

Posted by:Jennifer Harper