from her, she just got this news and she ain't thrilled.

So what does it mean when your show's season finale gets pulled? Probably nothing good.

Not like you didn't see it coming with the fairly sad ratings "Dollhouse" has been getting, but yeah, doubt it'll be back in the fall.

One rumor swirling is that the 13th episode is really more of an epilogue/season two setup (a la the season one "Buffy" finale) and if "Dollhouse" isn't getting a second year pick up, the producers and/or the network would rather end things at hour 12.


UPDATE: According to FOX, the network ordered just

13 hours of the show, including the unaired original pilot. So the plan all

along was to air the 12 episodes made after the

first pilot, and the May 8 episode "Omega" (episode 12) was always intended as the season


Apparently, the studio went

ahead and made another episode, "Epitaph One," even though the network didn't

ask for it, because of DVD deals that promised 13 hours. Technically, if you count the scrapped pilot, this 13th episode which FOX will not air, is technically episode 14.

"Dollhouse" producer Tim Minear — who wrote and directed "Omega" — just posted a paragraph on that seems to corroborate this story, though he adds that FOX should still air episode 13/14 because it's awesome.

FYI: FOX insists episode 12/13 ("Omega"), which will now serve as the show's season finale, not only wraps up this season's arc, but also leaves open the possibility of future episodes.

-Additional Reporting by Rick Porter

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