dollhouse jamiebamber elizadushku 290 'Dollhouse' first look: Jamie Bamber marries EchoFOX is filling its “Dollhouse” with another big-name guest star.

Jamie Bamber of “Battlestar Galactica” fame will appear in the second-season premiere of “Dollhouse,” in the episode named “Vows,” airing Friday, Sept. 25.

“Vows” appears to refer to wedding vows since Echo (Eliza Dushku) gets married to Bamber’s character, a wealthy financier in the episode. It doesn’t look like a happily-ever-after type of union though. I mean, Echo has blood on her forehead in that first photo during their so-called “honeymoon.”

And then there’s this. Smoke and possibly fiery wreckage in the background, while the Mr. is holding a gun. What’s up with that?

dollhouse jamiebamber large 'Dollhouse' first look: Jamie Bamber marries Echo

Of course, you know that while Echo has a new personality, she’s not going to know Paul (Tahmoh Penikett), so they’re duking it out over the hubby. Nice private airplane by the way.

dollhouse elizadushku tahmohpenikett large 01 'Dollhouse' first look: Jamie Bamber marries Echo

Paul gets the upper hand and, as the FOX press site tells us, tries to get Echo to remember her past in order to save his life.

dollhouse elizadushku tahmohpenikett large 02 'Dollhouse' first look: Jamie Bamber marries Echo

Looks like much is afoot for the new season. Excited?

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