"'s Alan Tudyk who was finally unmasked as "Alpha" last Friday… though anyone with access to the internet knew it was him months ago.

Anyhoo, the second half of the finale airs this week, and some new info on what to expect was revealed: Seems Alpha

has 43 people in his brain… basically all the personalities he was

imprinted with are still there. On Friday, we'll see flashbacks to Alpha's time as a doll, as well as what the effects

of having all those peeps hanging around his psyche are. I guess he thinks he's

reached an almost God-like status and his goal is to bring Echo up to the same level.

Somehow I don't think he'll succeed though. Not only did Tudyk say that Alpha may

not make it through the next episode and that he didn't want to comment on his character's fate past Friday, fans of the actor know he's already signed on to do another pilot.

-Reporting by Marisa Roffman

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