Should we keep watching Dollhouse? Well, yeah. Not because it's a Joss Whedon show — I will tell you right now that that signature humor you're hoping for is not going to suddenly appear over the next few episodes — but simply because it is solid enough to warrant a decent trial period. What drew me into the pilot were Echo's personalities/identities (the bubbly girl after a weekend date who's psyched she might've found "the one"… the kidnapping victim who has grown up to achieve greatness to compensate for her childhood trauma… the clean slate who's completely unaware of the experiences she's had and the layers she's built in her lifetime) and what they all say about human nature and what we can learn from different people's realities.

Just me? Okay, even if I'm all alone on that one, you might be happy to hear that with each coming episode, another layer of mystery will be peeled back. We'll learn more and more about what's gone down in and around the Dollhouse since it opened its doors. And by the way, Topher's stellar scientific processing system for booting, wiping and rebooting the lucky inhabitants of said Dollhouse has a few glitches… some more serious than others.

You'll learn about one particularly frightening malfunction in the first few minutes of tonight's hour and — SPOILER ALERT — it has everything to do with that "Alpha" man who was watching video of Echo/Caroline while several dead bodies lay strewn around him at the end of last week's episode.

So, yeah, just watch tonight. Give the show another shot and come back here to chat about what you think afterwards. And if you have Dollhouse questions you desperately need answered, write to me at

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh