dichenlachman dollhouse 290 'Dollhouse': Why we're happy it got canceled (other than the obvious)Cancellation was a blessing for Joss Whedon’s sci fi drama “Dollhouse,” not only for the beleaguered viewers at home but for the production itself.

We at Zap2it love TV, so we’re more relieved rather than gleeful that “Dollhouse” got the ax. The show just wasn’t up to Whedon’s snuff, despite a few episode/performance gems.

We’re grateful that we got introduced to relative newcomers like Dichen Lachman, Enver Gjokaj, Miracle Laurie and Fran Kranz and got to see Whedonverse faves like Amy Acker and Summer Glau again. Nevertheless, “Dollhouse” was a blight on Whedon’s resume and a less guilty pleasure than we had hoped.

Here are a few humble reasons why we’re glad that “Dollhouse” has gone into the ground for good (as of Jan. 22):

  • As “Buffy/Angel/Firefly” fans, we can finally stop feeling guilty for not liking “Dollhouse”
  • Frees up Whedon, Dichen Lachman, Fran Kranz, etc. for bigger & better projects
  • The end to icky sex slave storylines
  • This forever severs the working relationship between Joss Whedon & FOX
  • Haunting theme song won’t get stuck in our heads at night
  • With a series end in sight, Whedon can hopefully give Sierra and Victor a happy ending
  • Made us stop wondering when we’d meet goofily named actives Yankee, Foxtrot, Golf, Uniform and Hotel

Do you have any additional reasons? Or will you miss “Dollhouse”?

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