dolly parton emergency wig miley cyrus gi Dolly Parton keeps an emergency wig by her bed, bless her heartYou’re never going to catch Dolly Parton looking less than her best — the 67-year-old country legend makes sure to be picture-ready whenever she leaves her house. That means keeping an extra wig on her bedside table in case of an emergency, she said in an interview on the U.K. TV show “Daybreak.”

“I do [have an emergency wig],” especially when I’m in Los Angeles because they have so many earthquakes there,” recounts “Unlike most people, I would think, ‘No, I’m snatching that wig up before I head down that exit.'”

Of course, in an emergency Parton probably wouldn’t have the time to put the wig on correctly, but that’s no matter as long as it’s on, she says. “It may be crooked if I have it on backwards, but I’m going to have it,” she jokes.

Parton, who is Miley Cyrus‘s godmother, also commented on her goddaughter’s recent risque actions. “Well, she’s growing, I’m telling you! But I love her to death,” she said on the show. “She’s a talented, special, sweet girl. She’s trying her best to grow up and I’m trying my best to let her. It’s not my place to tell her how to live and how to do.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley