Dominicmonaghan By now you’ve probably heard about Dominic Monaghan (aka “Lost“‘s dearly departed Charlie) recently showing up in fall promos for ABC and you’ve likely heard the surrounding debate… Is he returning to “Lost”? Has he been cast on the network’s new series, “Flash Forward”?

Well, according to a tweet from a Hollywood talent agency assistant — thanks to Dark UFO for the tip — not only will Dominic Monaghan be coming back to “Lost” for four episodes next season, but Maggie Grace (Shannon, Sayid’s unlikely season 2 lover, whom Ana Lucia shot and killed) will return for six.

Could it be true?

The Twitter feed looks legit and the update also includes the info that Emilie de Ravin (Claire) will be back for the full year, a fact that we already have confirmation on. So… yeah, I don’t know.

An investigation is mounting…

In the meantime, any thoughts?

UPDATE: The same Hollywood assistant is now tweeting that all principle characters from season 1 — minus Michael and Walt — will appear in this upcoming final season at some point.

UPDATE #2: The Hollywood assistant has pulled his Twitter feed down… oh boy. Some are saying the whole thing was a hoax, but uh, yeah, we’ll see…

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh