don cheadle captain planet Don Cheadle kicks eco butt as 'Captain Planet'

The race to turn ’90s-era enviro-cartoon “Captain Planet” into a live-action epic is over. And the winner is: Funny or Die!

Oscar-nominee Don Cheadle plays the green-mulleted superhero who seeks to thwart eco-terrorists everywhere. The Captain’s gaggle of faithful Planeteers is filled out by “Community’sGillian Jacobs and “The Social Network’sBrenda Song among others.  

But stealing the show is the most notably lame Planeteer Ma-Ti (wielder of the mighty Heart ring), played with ample amounts of wiener pathos by “Napoleon Dynamite’sEfren Ramirez.

Cheadle’s Captain Planet doles out swift and brutal eco-justice which quickly devolves into outright eco-murder. Take that, global warming deniers.  

NSFW warning: Captain Planet has a potty mouth. Proceed with caution.

Posted by:janderson