dancing-with-the-star-dwts-peta-murgatroyd-donald-driver-abc-donald-driver-championDonald Driver took home the mirror ball on the finale of ‘DWTS’ Season 14. His freestyle and incredible speed gave him the edge and he was glowing when Zap2it spoke to him in the ballroom right after his win.

Donald’s family was in the audience every week and he always says he couldn’t do anything he’s done without them. We asked him about how important the support of his wife and kids have been. He says, “I have been thinking about that and
how I want to thank her and my kids and she said she wanted to take a
trip, so we are going to take a Disney trip as a family and spend much
time together. I think that’s what you have to do because my family
stood beside me the whole time.”

We asked him if he expected to win. “No, you never expected but we one
thing we did notice was America was in full force,” he says. “We knew that they
said the freestyle wins it. And I think we had an amazing freestyle,
when we found that we had the encore dance, we kind of felt… we stood
up there and when the lights come on you get a little nervous and we
were both nervous until those finals. All she [partner Peta Murgatroyd] said was that she heard
was Dddddd and that’s when she knew, no one else’s name starts with a D.”

Driver has won the Super Bowl and we asked him how this compares. “I think it’s the same. You have
great moments, it took me 13 years to win the Super Bowl, I’m just glad
it’s the one season to win a mirror ball.”

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