donald duck holocaust disney Donald Duck caught in Holocaust controversyPoor Donald Duck. Some duck in Donald’s hometown of Duckburg shouts out the word “Holocaust,” and Donald’s good name gets dragged through the mud.

Publishers of a German edition of a Mickey Mouse comic (above), in which some snazzy-looking duck — no relation to Donald — shouts out the offensive term, are attributing the word to a printing error. It was intended to say “congratulations.” Uh, simple mistake?

Well, yes, sort of. In the English original of the comic, entitled “Where’s The Smoke” and published in 1972, Disney illustrator Carl Barks used the word as a synonym for blaze or inferno, according to the U.K.’s Telegraph.   

Egmont Ehapa, the German comic’s publishers, recalled it as soon as the mistake was discovered and blacked out the word by hand. A new version of the comic will be out later in the week.
Spokesperson Elke Schickedanz tells German magazine Der Spiegel that the mistake occurred when the word wasn’t removed from the English speech bubble during production.  

Posted by:Jennifer Harper