A hopeful sign that Donald Glover might return to “Community” is probably nothing more than a fake. Unfortunately, the actor behind Troy Barnes looks to be definitely gone for now.

Rumors of Glover’s return began to surface thanks to a “hackathon” planned for SXSW. As his alter-ego of Childish Gambino, Glover will be participating in the event. Glover tweeted a link to a “Deep Web Tour” website where fans can register to receive updates.

The first e-mail, however, may have been misleading:

donald glover returning community uproxx Donald Glover returning to 'Community'? Probably notThis does look like a return to “Community” is possible, but it’s almost definitely not going to happen this season. There are two main reasons for that: 1) “Community” Season 5 wrapped production in December. 2) The e-mail is apparently a hoax. A fan-site Twitter account claimed as much on Thursday (March 6):

Perhaps there is still a chance that Glover could return if “Community” gets its fabled sixth season? Alas, that dream will have to wait for now.

Posted by:Laurel Brown