donald sterling barbara walters anderson cooper gi Donald Sterling backs out of Barbara Walters and Anderson Cooper interviews    Report

Now-banned LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling reportedly set up and then canceled TV interviews to tell what is presumably his side of the story. The “lucky” news outlets, Barbara Walters at ABC and Anderson Cooper at CNN, apparently did talk to the man before he opted out of the interviews.

TMZSports reported on Friday (May 2) that the two journalists would be conducting interviews with Sterling that day at an unnamed Los Angeles hotel. Sources shared that Walters would talk to both Sterling and V. Stiviano first, and Cooper would follow.

Unfortunately for the outlets, Sterling decided not to appear on camera after talking to both Walters and Anderson off the record. The reason? TMZ quotes a source as saying he “wasn’t prepared” to tell his story.

Stiviano, meanwhile, did conduct an interview with Walters, addressing Sterling’s recorded comments and whether or not she thinks he is racist. Cooper did not get an interview with either person.

Sterling hit the news with a bang in the previous week, thanks to racist comments recorded and released to the media. The NBA later decided to fine the team owner $2.5 million and to ban him for life from the sport. There has been no word on what might happen to the team.

Posted by:Laurel Brown