lady gaga miss universe 2008 Donald Trump claims Miss Universe gave Lady Gaga her big breakIs there anything Donald Trump won’t take credit for?

“I own the Miss Universe pageant,” The Donald says in his new book, “Time to Get Tought: Making America #1 Again.” “About four years ago, during what you call half-time, we always have an entertainer. We’ve had a lot of great people, and you don’t pay them anything because it’s one of the biggest audiences and my people told me, ‘Nobody knows who she is but there’s this woman with good talent named Lady Gaga.’

“I said, ‘I don’t care … if you like her, put her on.’ So we put her on … it was live all over the United States and all over the world and the next day, nobody was talking about Miss Universe, everybody was talking, ‘Who was the woman, who was the entertainer? She was unbelievable.'”

We like how he works in that he got the future megastar for free. The pageant was held in Vietnam that year so at least she got a trip out of the deal. Gaga performed her hit “Just Dance” on television for the first time while the Top 15 finalists strutted their stuff in swimsuits. Miss Venezuela Dayana Mendoza took the crown but Lady Gaga got exposure.

“She’s been very gracious about it,” says Trump. “I don’t want to say we made Lady Gaga, but she was incredible and that was her break.”

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