donald trump obama announcement college records passport Donald Trump extends deadline for President Obama's college and passport recordsRemember how Donald Trump desperately tried to get attentiontried to extort the President of the United States … made an “announcement” to President Obama offering up $5 million in exchange for the president releasing his college and passport records? The deadline was set for midnight on Wednesday, Oct. 31.

But in light of Hurricane Sandy, Trump has magnanimously announced that he’ll extend the president’s deadline. Trump tweets:

“Because of the hurricane, I am extending my 5 million dollar offer for
President Obama’s favorite charity until 12PM on Thursday.”

You know, between the hurricane and the election, the president is pretty busy, so thank goodness he has another 12 hours to rustle up those all-important records for Donald Trump. Remember, it’s in the interest of “transparency.”

Here are some other choice tweets from the Donald during the hurricane:

  • “I am the best builder but if that were my building with the crane mishap, I would have been lambasted from coast to coast.”
  • “Hurricane is good luck for Obama again- he will buy the election by handing out billions of dollars.”
  • “Maybe Obama should donate my $5M to the families of the 17 who have lost loved ones during the storm?”
  • “Another great cause Obama could send my $5M donation to is a charity for 9/11 First Responders. They are American heroes.”
  • “Why does Obama believe he shouldn’t comply with record releases that his
    predecessors did of their own volition? Hiding something?”
  • “Not one Trump building, even those along the Hudson River, lost power — a testament to quality systems and construction.”
  • “If Obama doesn’t accept by $5M charitable offer, then undecideds should
    ask themselves if they really want 4 more yrs of controversy.”

As we’ve said before, Twitter is the best thing to happen to celebrity news in the history of everything.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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