Donald Trump
thinks Rihanna should tell Chris Brown, “You’re FIRED!”

Talking with "Inside Edition’s" Deborah Norville, Trump speaks out about R&B star Chris Brown’s alleged assault of his girlfriend Rihanna. And he has some firm words of advice for her.

Trump tells "Inside Edition" on tonight’s evening show (check local listings) that Rihanna should not reunite with Chris Brown, as she is reported to have done at Sean Comb’s Miami mansion before Brown’s court appearance last week.

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Trump says of Rihanna: “She better get the hell out.  If she goes back, she’s a loser, and she doesn’t deserve to have any future success.”

What do you think? Do you agree with the Donald?

We know he’d fire Chris Brown.

Should Rihanna?

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Photo: Chris Brown and Rihanna at the MTV Awards in 2008. Credit: FilmMagic

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead