sheena monnin donald trump miss usa pageant Donald Trump sues ex Miss Pennsylvania USA Sheena MonninIf we’ve learned one thing over the years, it’s “Don’t mess with The Donald.” The most recent person to experience the wrath of the real estate mogul/TV personality is Sheena Monnin.

TMZ is reporting that Donald Trump, who owns the Miss Universe competition, has filed two legal claims against the former Miss Pennsylvania USA, this after she accused the pageant of being rigged. Trump gave Monnin an ultimatum of Friday (June 8) to retract her comments. When she didn’t, he proceeded as planned.

It was on Tuesday (June 5) Monnin writes on Facebook, “It is my moral obligation to state what I witnessed and what I know to be true. I will relay to you the reasoning behind my resignation. I witnessed another contestant who said she saw the list of the Top 5 BEFORE THE SHOW EVER STARTED proceed to call out in order who the Top 5 were before they were announced on stage.”

The pageant says that Monnin quit for a completely different reason, the admission of transgender contestant Jenna Talackova to compete for Miss Canada.

“In an email to state pageant organizers, she cited the Miss Universe Organization’s policy regarding transgendered contestants, implemented two months ago, as the reason for her resignation,” the Miss Universe Organization says in a statement.

Because of the terms of Monnin’s contract with the beauty competition, the matter will first be handled through private arbitration, the publication reports. If they can’t come to an agreement, the case could be moved to court.

As for the claims, the pageant is going after Monnin for breach of contract and defamation.

Posted by:David Eckstein