donald trump not running for president baltimore sun Donald Trump's ridiculous plane: Get a video tourPerhaps the most ridiculous thing about Donald Trump‘s custom-designed 757 airplane is that it has a special V.I.P. area.

Really, Donald? Only 43 passengers fit on your plane, and you still feel the need to separate the special folks from the riff-raff?

In a video tour, Trump’s assistant shows us around the monstrous aircraft, which easily trump’s Ashton Kutcher’s grossly extravagant “Two and a Half Men” trailer and probably trumps our imaginary “Spice World” inspired ideas about the inside of President Obama’s $1.1 million tour bus.

Trump’s plane is the Rolls Royce of air travel. Literally, it’s got Rolls Royce engines. It also has 24 karat gold seat belts, because in the event of turbulence, what you really want to know is that your seat belt is super shiny.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie