donald trump roast gi Donald Trump's worth: $7 billion, plus $379 million in debtsDonald Trump is talking about himself again! Woohoo!

In his new book, “Time to Get Tough,” Trump does the unthinkable: he discloses his financial information. “The Apprentice” host and real estate mogul says that he’s worth about $7 billion — much more than previous estimates, according to Forbes.

The three-page statement in the book, set for release Dec. 5, may come as a surprise to many critics. When Trump was toying with a bid for the presidency — which, by the way, he says in the book he is still considering — many thought that his campaign would be hindered by the fact that he would be unwilling to disclose his real estate empire’s financial details.

So much for that! Now he reveals that he’s got: “$1.37 billion in commercial properties; $1.22 billion in private clubs;
$652 million in co-owned properties; $261 million in properties in
development; and $270 million in cash. He estimates that his Miss
Universe pageant is worth about $20 million.”

Trump also reports about $379 million in debts.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie