kim zolciak rose the psychic dont be tardy for the wedding bravo 'Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding': Kim Zolciak has some mama dramaOn Thursday’s (May 3) “Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding,” Kim Zolciak is finally spending some quality time with fiance Kroy Biermann’s parents. That’s usually the natural order of things, right? Have a baby, get engaged, and then meet the parents.

Technically, she’s already met them once “for just a bit,” but this is Kathy and Keith’s first visit to Kim and Kroy’s new home and their first time meeting little KJ. (This family is like the Kardashians with all their K’s. There are at least two more on this trip alone — Kroy’s sister, Kelsey, and his niece, Makenna, who gets to be an honorary K.)

Kim is super-nervous about making a good impression on Kathy and Keith — particularly since her psychic, Rose, who predicted she would meet Kroy and have little KJ, tells her, “You know, they don’t want him to marry you … They formed their opinion before they even met you.”
Kim’s so nervous, in fact, that she sneaks a cigarette, later noting on Twitter that she hasn’t had one since. It seems like Kim’s soon-to-be mother-in-law isn’t the one she should have been nervous about, though, since it’s actually her own mother who doesn’t bother to show up for some hang time with Kim and Mama Biermann while trying on dresses.

“She’s sweating, so she had to put some deodorant on,” Kim’s dad tells her when she calls to find out why her mom isn’t there.

“Can you take pictures or something so I can see them … and then just send them to my email and I can see which ones look good on,” her mom later tells her.

Who would make you more nervous: Kim’s mom or Kroy’s mom?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper