kim-zolciak-real-housewives-of-atlanta-kim-and-kroy-biermann-dont-be-tardy-for-the-wedding-ep-5-bravo.jpgIt’s two weeks till Kim Zolciak’s wedding on Thursday’s (May 17) episode of “Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding.” She’s got her dress(es), her man, her matron of honor, the location, the celebrity wedding planner, the food and now the super-hot former Falcons player Coy Wire to officiate. All that’s left to do is find some fancy porta-potties for the reception because Kim is not having people pee all over her floor — apparently that’s what people do if given free reign in your home.

Derek J goes with Kim for fancy potty shopping because matron of honor Jen bails on this all-important task. And she missed out because these are some high-end potties — hardwood floors, nice vanities, an attendant on duty, a little rug outside. And we’re sure Kim will find a way to work rhinestones into the restrooms — especially since she asked if Coy could use a “blinged-out” Bible to marry them.

OK, so no one will be peeing all over Kim’s floors at the wedding, but her mom Karen’s still kind of peeing all over her big day — metaphorically speaking. Despite actually showing up this time to try on mother-of-the-bride dresses, Karen’s still got a mighty big chip on her shoulder for not being included in the last Colin Cowie visit. But Kim and Kroy are still peeved about Karen’s indignant text saying she’d be sick on their wedding day and unable to attend. Kim’s dad, Joe, tells Karen to apologize, but she laughs it off. Kim and Kroy, however, are not laughing.

Do you think Kim and her mom will be able to settle their differences before the wedding?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper