airing Thursdays on Fox. So warm up the karaoke machine, begin your vocal exercises and pray you remember the words to Come On, Eileen, because it’s time to fa la la la la!

Setting the scene:
Ten songs, 10 missing lyrics, $10 — that’s our version. Get all of them correct, and the cash is yours. Get them all wrong, and you get to remain our friend. During commercial breaks read “Note Worthy” facts from the show’s Web site regarding hit songs and their misunderstood lyrics. (Did you know the FBI wasted tax dollars trying to decipher Louie Louie?) The Web site also features popular songs with missing lyrics to test your knowledge. You should also get your hands on a karaoke machine, because they are the quickest route to Moronville. With a little work, you can turn these into perfect tests for partygoers. Decorate with bunches of forget-me-nots from the local florist.

Dress for your moment of glory but with a nod to the past. We recommend having everyone wear their favorite concert T-shirts — some REO Speedwagon or Air Supply might help set the tone.

On the menu:
Whatever you feed them, make sure you offer plenty of Ginkgo biloba on the side. And recent research suggests that quinoa is the latest hearty grain to be added to the “superfood” list. Packed with protein, loaded with fiber and low in carbs, this food will definitely help you remember the lyrics to The Power of Love.

On the hi-fi:
Make it simple by getting a greatest hits compilation from the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s or ’90s. But also work the memory theme with such selections as: Memory by Betty Buckley, Thanks for the Memory by Bob Hope, I Remember You by Chet Baker, Forgotten by Linkin Park and I Don’t Remember by Peter Gabriel.

The showstopper:
Why net head to Las Vegas to see Wayne Brady perform at the Venetian? You know he’ll sing something and be making up the words.

Posted by:Michael Korb