52220081024141468x691 2 Don't hate Sarah Larson because she dates George Clooney! But feel free to hate Sarah Larson because she’s on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar with a tagline reading, "Don’t hate her because she’s beautiful, fearless and dates George Clooney."

Then go ahead and read the article on her and hate her even more.

Annoyingly, she actually sounds like a sweet, smart and nice girl who just happens to want to jump out of a plane on her 30th birthday in December. "Dirty Thirty," she calls the day.

She has absolutely no fear of heights, real or celebrity. The "Fear Factor" producers recruited her from the Rum Jungle, a Vegas club where she’d go-go dance on a plexi platform 20 feet in the air and would fly up there "like Superman" every night on a rope.

As for George’s fame: "George is funny and sweet, and he’s good to be around. I see him as a normal person, like anyone else. He just happens to have a well-known face."

She met Clooney four years ago when she was working at the Whiskey, at Green Valley Ranch. But it wasn’t until she ran into him again last June that the texting – and romance – began.

As for that embarrassing insect-munching "Fear Factor" stunt, no regrets: "He [George] still wants to date me, and I ate a scorpion."

OK, now we can hate her.

Photo: courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead