hindsight cast vh1 Don't let VH1's' 'Hindsight' pass you byOne of the most fun new shows of 2015 is VH1’s “Hindsight.” Four episodes have aired so far and the fifth one premieres Wednesday (Feb. 4) at its new time, 9 p.m. ET/PT. It’s the perfect time to jump right in, so here’s what you need to know so far to start watching this terrific new series.

The story so far:

In 2015, Becca (Laura Ramsey) is on the eve of marrying Andy (Nick Clifford), a man she likes a lot but who definitely does not light a fire under her. That night, she travels back in time (the how is not important; this is not a sci-fi show) to 1995 and the day of her first wedding, when she originally married Sean (Craig Horner), a man she was definitely hot for but with whom she ultimately could not make things work, ending in divorce 10 years later.

When she gets to 1995, Becca turns to her best friend in the world, Lolly (Sarah Goldberg), who almost immediately believes Becca’s crazy story. Lolly supports Becca choosing not to marry Sean and to quit her job that two decades later still had not gone anywhere in an effort to get a do-over on her life that, at age 43, was not what she wanted it to be.

But there’s a wrinkle in the Lolly-Becca story — in 2003, they had a huge falling out and as of 2015 hadn’t spoken since. Plus, 1995 Lolly has just started a relationship with Becca’s brother Jamie (John Patrick Amedori), which Becca knows meets an ugly end when Jamie goes in and out of rehab and Lolly can’t handle his problems.

Why it’s awesome:

The show may be presenting Becca’s love life as the major conundrum — fireworks with Sean, safety with Andy (who, btw, is dating someone else in 1995) — but the heart of the show is Becca and Lolly’s friendship. Ramsey and Goldberg are so good together you’d swear they had always been best friends in real life. And the show has immediately inserted this wonderful dramatic tension into their relationship because we know they stop being friends, but we don’t know why, as Becca can’t yet bring herself to tell Lolly what happened.

So there’s that mystery hanging over everyone’s heads. But there’s also the mystery of whether Lolly, now armed with the knowledge that in the original history she broke Jamie’s heart when she couldn’t deal, can change her own future, because she and Jamie are clearly great together.

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Then there is also Becca’s love life, which is not an uninteresting storyline either. Both men she’s agonizing over have ways they’re perfect for her and ways they’re really not. Plus, there’s a man named Xavier she keeps bumping into who likely will come into play in a major way before long.

All that would be enough on its own because the show is taking a really compelling look at destiny and life choices, but “Hindsight” has also been taking viewers to a wonderland of nostalgia every week.

The 1990s fashions and outdated technology are hilariously on-point. Even the smallest details, like Becca’s hairstyle at her first wedding and Lolly wanting to look like Six from “Blossom,” resonate. It lends an authenticity and distinct sense of time and place to the show without getting mired in the camp of constantly shouting, “It’s 1995, look at all this wacky stuff!” But there are a few fun references, like this one:

And don’t even get us started on the music — Gin Blossoms, Collective Soul, Arrested Development (the band, not the show), Juliana Hatfield, The Cranberries, the list goes on and on and on. The playlist for each episode is incredible, but it’s also apparent the producers have taken great care to cull specific songs and use them in just the right moments. The soundtrack will send you tumbling back in your mind to whatever time in your life occupied the years 1992-95.

To top it all off …

Each week, the show puts out a webisode called “Planet Sebastian,” which is a throwback to cable access talk shows hosted by Sebastian, Lolly’s boss at the video store. Various cast members appear each week in character. The first installment shows how Lolly got her job at Sex, Lies and Video Store, the other installments can be found on VH1’s YouTube channel.

So, it won’t be hard to jump right in tonight on episode 5 (sneak peek below), but if you’d like to get caught up — and it’s definitely worth it — the episodes are available on the VH1 mobile app and Amazon Instant Video.

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