jennelle evans jace eb Double dose of dismal on 'Teen Mom 2'Jenelle Evans made it home from jail last night just in time for #TeenMomTuesday, tweeting: “ANOTHER NEW EPISODE NOW OF TEEN MOM 2 !!!”

It’s great to see that she has her priorities in order.
In fact, several other “Teen Mom” and “Teen Mom 2” cast members have been in the news since last episode (Amber Portwood, Leah Messer), and the long, unhappy drama of Season 2 hasn’t taken a positive turn either. Ultimately, last night’s back-to-back episodes were a grueling two hour serving of “Teen Mom 2.” The audience’s general consensus is that the kids are cute, but the show is loosing its entertainment value with drawn-out plots and gloomy repetition. The moms are fumbling in their own ways with decision-making, and the brightest thing from last night’s episodes was Chelsea’s new platinum blonde hair.

Speaking of Chelsea, we’re happy to hear her finally talking about getting a job and supporting herself (and the bills at her new apartment). Now if only she could convince her surly boyfriend to seek counseling for his blatant emotional problems. Although, he doesn’t really talk to her in the first place, so that would be a starting point.

Kailyn is also dealing with communication issues. She means well, and out of all the girls on the show, she is absolutely the most independent and on the right track. Still, if she worked a bit on how she expresses herself to her mother, Joe, and others, she might not be feeling isolated all the time.

In West Virginia, the subtitles are in full effect for Leah and Corey, with their southern drawls and constant doctor’s appointments. After two hours, we see Aliannah stand for the first time, coaxed on by cheesepuffs on a coffee table (like mother, like daughter, according to Aliannah’s grandmother). We also learn that the baby doesn’t have campomelic dysplasia … or does she? The preview for next week’s episode indicates that MTV hasn’t squeezed all of the juice from this plot line just yet.

Lastly, there’s Jenelle. She eagerly awaits for Keiffer to be bailed out of jail, and when he’s free, they immediately meet at Planet Fun (irony alert!) to reconcile. “It’s not like you beat me… you just shoved me out of the way,” she rationalizes as they discuss his domestic abuse charge. We see her son Jace, as in so many episodes past, roaming around the floors of their home and gazing at Jenelle through the storm door as she comes and goes, and screams and cries. It’s impossible to ignore Jenelle’s unhealthy choices for herself (the drugs, the legal trouble, the volatile relationship with Keiffer), but at this point in Season 2, it’s also disturbing to watch her son as he grows up in that environment.

Being a parent has never looked so cheerless. Even if viewers are able to suspend disbelief and hope that things with the moms have improved since filming these episodes, there’s the knowledge that the girls are still getting pregnant, arrested, and immersed in drama a year later. If MTV’s agenda is to project bleakness, it’s working.

Either way, here’s a sampling of some of our favorite #TeenMomTuesday tweets, from the brave souls who forged through the 120 minute stress fest.

@kalijunk: I use to love watching teen mom but now it makes me sad and angry. #stupid

@IDWjustin: Hey Lifetime, you should make a show about Young Grandmas. The mothers whose daughters got knocked up. PS–wife still watching Teen Mom 2.

@EdmondsJulia: The first thing I see on teen mom is a kitten! Everyone loves kittens.

@djakissane: I would honestly rather be at work right now than at home when the only shows on TV are teen mom and knocked up

Posted by:Elizabeth Brady