tvpartyw711.jpgA great photo lasts forever. A crappy one lasts until your friends close their Facebook accounts. But if you spend any time watching Double Exposure, airing Tuesdays on Bravo, you know that the celebrity photography duo of Markus Klinko and his ex-girlfriend Indrani rarely take a bad picture (mostly because she is really attractive, and he is hiding behind the lens). Of course, in the creative firestorm that is celebrity photography, craziness is a prerequisite – which means they seem to think most of the pictures aren’t fit for dogs (or Naomi Campbell assistants). So if you love taking pictures, call your friends and neighbors; we’re throwing a Double Exposure party!

Setting the scene:
A high-fashion photo shoot is a pretty cool place to be. We’d regale you with our time spent beside Victoria’s Secret models on photo shoots, but you’d just be jealous, so let’s just focus (get it?) on setting up a studio. The first thing you’ll need is a full-size muslin backdrop in hi-key white – it’s a staple of fashion photographers – and a portable background stand. You’ll then need between four and six light stands along with lights and diffusers (those umbrellas). Add to that one or two “assistants” holding reflector discs, a makeup person with a director’s chair, floor-length mirrors, a clothes rack with various dresses and accessories, and just for giggles, feather boas. You’ll also want to hang fashion posters on the wall (ask a local mall retailer if they have any large posters in the back they would be willing to give you). Add a light box with rolls of developed 35mm film on it for proofing, along with magnifiers, and be sure to have a photo printer available for quick prints!

Whatever it is, just make it glamorous and over-the-top chic!

On the menu:
The last photo shoot we were on had a table covered in chocolate chip cookies, muffins, fruit, veggie wraps, cheese cubes and bottled water. At the end of the day, we took home a lot of chocolate chip cookies.

On the hi-fi:
Girls on Film by Duran Duran, Vogue by Madonna, Centerfold by The J. Geils Band, I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred, Fashion by Lady Gaga, Glam by Christina Aguilera.

The showstopper:
While photographers will tell you they are the most important part of a great photo (they did bring the camera, after all), a really awesome fashion photo is thanks to a great fashion stylist. Why not hire one of the world’s best, Sarah Gore Reeves, who is regularly dressing and undressing the likes of Gisele, Alessandra Ambrosio, Nicole Kidman, Heidi Klum and Sarah Jessica Parker? Have your checkbook handy – she’s a big deal for a reason.

Posted by:Michael Korb