Today’s cuppa: PG Tips tea

Chloe_24_CTU.jpgLast night, I was watching Monday’s installment of Fox’s “24” on my DVR.

As you know if you saw the episode, Chloe was attempting a risky (the main risk being electrocution) fix to bring the crippled CTU back online to fight the terrorists.

(BTW, suspect the dramatic way that Chloe managed to get the chance to do her fix was the event Mary-Lynn Rajskub was talking about in this earlier blog post.)

She rigged the spaghetti mass of wires, sat down at the console, announced she was going to give it a try and hit the button. A few lines scrolled on the computer screen, there was a spark from a console beside Chloe and then …

My whole block went dark.


Fortunately it was only for a few minutes, but … yeeee.

Also very happy about the turn of events surrounding Dana. It’s a far better use of Katee Sackhoff’s kick-butt talents than playing a sad-sack, jittery victim. Maybe now she can actually have lipstick.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare