It was a crucial So You Think You Can Dance because the dozen dancers would be reduced to the Top 10 based on tonight’s performances. And only the 10 get to go on tour. Unfortunately, a couple of my favorites were a little weak this week.

Spoiler alert. Only advance if you’ve seen the episode.

Sabra/Dominic – Hands up: Who wanted to see these two do the "Batusi"? They’ve become a reliably entertaining pair, and this week’s jive choreographed by Tony Meredith shows off their energy, technical skills and personalities. Dominic gets to show his kooky sense of humor as well, and (dare I say it?) I think he’s growing on me. He seems fairly versatile, but why doesn’t he use any of these new skills in his solos? Enough with the windmills, dude! (Song: "I Do the Jerk" — Ryan Shaw)

Jaimie/Hok – I don’t have a handle on Broadway, since Tyce Diorio’s number of classical musical theater, "Mr. Bojangles" from Fosse, looked more like contemporary to me. I’m not so certain I agree with the judges about Hok either. I dug his interpretation since I got such a feel for his character just by his body movements without seeing his face. Nevertheless, I did feel somewhat disconnected, even with Jaimie’s elegance.

Sara/Pasha – Hey all you hep cats, I loved this quirky-cool jazz routine. I mean, you gotta love a number that uses suspenders as part of the stylish movements. The strength was in Mande Moore’s choreography, which I found constantly fascinating and surprising (like that weird lift), so props to the pair who were able to sell it. (Song: "Body Language" — Queen)

Lauren/Neil – This was an equally arresting contemporary dance number by Mia Michaels, who put together something rather different from her usual passionate love story. Wearing beanies, goggles and skinny ties, they gave a funky, athletic and unusual performance that I liked, even if I couldn’t explain it. (Song: "Let the Drummer Kick" — Citizen Cope)

Anya/Danny – I’ve never been a huge Anya fan even though she’s tried to show range, but she was in her element tonight with an elegant fox trot. Danny wasn’t too bad either with his strong lines and a great lift. Enjoyable, even pretty, but will America find ballroom a bit boring compared to all the flashier dances? (Song: "It Had to Be You" — Brian Evans)

Lacey/Kameron – I wasn’t feeling this Dan Karaty hip-hop number, mainly because the duo didn’t hit the beats strong enough. I wanted sharper movements, more dramatic energy and character work. Overall? Eh. (Song: "Here I Come" — Fergie)

My prediction for the Bottom Three: No doubt Lacey/Kameron and Jaimie/Hok (sorry Hok!) are there. I’m really torn about the last spot since the rest were pretty darn good, but perhaps Anya/Danny because of the combo of ballroom and Anya being not quite as popular as the other routines and dancers.

Who had the best/worst routines? Your pick for Bottom Three?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen