Downton Abbey.jpg“Downton Abbey” is critically acclaimed, up for several awards and generally made of pure awesome. What’s strange is that, with the popularity of this show, and the loud sighs of happiness that you hear when you mention it, you don’t see it all over the news like you do with “Game of Thrones” or “Boardwalk Empire.”

The show about a British household set in WWI has performed admirably in the States. Why? There is something very satisfying about watching what happens when people who must conform to a certain standard for their time and culture go behind closed doors. It’s a soap, pure and simple. And we love it in all it’s soapy, British goodness.

Check out this video of the cast as they gush about the show’s popularity in the states. We’re drooling (in a very polite, British way) in anticipation. “Downton Abbey” returns to PBS “Masterpiece Classic” Sunday on January 8th.

Posted by:jbusch