Well, this is certainly a different kind of “Downton Abbey.”

ITV recently released its much-anticipated “Downton Abbey” Christmas sketch starring none other than George Clooney, and it’s basically if the entire world that fans have come to know and love was flipped on its head and slapped with a boatload of absurdity.

The sketch keeps the same tone as the TV series — everyone is just as prim and proper as they always are — but their lines are just a tad unusual. Take, for example, the opening exchange between Mary, Cora and Robert in the above video.

“Papa,” starts Mary, “I’ve looked at the estate accounts, and if we all learned to dress ourselves, we could save 40,000 [pounds] a year.”

Cora then adds to the fun of making jabs at the Crawleys’ privilege and replies, “Next [Mary will] be suggesting [Robert] go and get a job.”

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Of course, things just keep on getting even more bizarre. Rose reveals that the Dowager Countess is an avid skier; Mary warns her father not to get in the car because everyone knows “what happens to anyone who takes the car out for a spin at Christmas” (ouch, Matthew); Isobel somehow leaves her bra in Mr. Selfridge’s (Jeremy Piven) office; and, in true Christmas fashion, Robert imagines what it would be like if had never been born … and if, well, Clooney had taken his place as Cora’s husband. Yeah, things get weird.

You can watch Part 2 of the ridiculous sketch below (especially if you want to see Ms. Hughes take a selfie). 

Posted by:Casey Rackham