Hot on the heels of the series finale of "Downton Abbey," Grammy and Oscar-winning singer John Legend visited "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Monday (March 7) and presented a lyrical performance of the show's poignant theme song.

It's been six seasons and many fans have probably added their own words over the years, but Legend brings an edgy touch of class to the show's legacy.

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Beginning the piano performance with the line, "Everyone we know is very white," the two-minute number really hits the nail on "Downton's" proverbial head.

Sure, Mary and Edith love to fight ... and yes, they dress in formal wear to dinner almost every night. However, there are deeper issues explored in Legend's performance. One that echoes the murderous -- yet friendly -- nature of Mr. Bates.

More importantly, Legend brings the attention to a more important matter: Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham (Maggie Smith) really needs to get laid. Mull that over for a while.

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