matt milne war horse 'Downton Abbey': Matt Milne cast as the new footmanWe said in our “Downton Abbey” Season 3 character wish list that we hope the household would hire a new footman. William’s death has definitely left a hole in the cast. Well, now we got our wish, according to Digital Spy.

Matt Milne has joined the “Downton” cast as Alfred, a new footman – who is also the nephew of O’Brien! Dun dun dunnnnn.

We wonder if he’ll be another villain for her to manipulate like Thomas, or if he’ll perhaps be a delightful young chap that everyone likes and who will refuse to do O’Brien’s bidding.

We also wonder if Alfred is the son of O’Brien’s favorite brother, the one who was killed that Lang reminded her of? That would be an interesting layer to add to the character.

Milne has previously been seen in “War Horse” and the upcoming “Wrath of the Titans.” “Downton” is back in production as of last week and will debut its third season in England in September.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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