downton abbey season 3 lady edith wedding 'Downton Abbey' Season 3 episode 3x03: Get out the hankies“Downton Abbey’s” third episode of Season 3 was quite the three-hankie tearjerker, we thought. Were you right there with us?


Poor Lady Edith. We thought all along Sir Anthony really loved her and he would be with her no matter what anybody thought, but it seems Lord Grantham’s answer to his “are you happy about the wedding” question was too much. Jilting her at the altar was heartbreaking, though the work from Laura Carmichael and Robert Bathurst was excellent.

Do you hope the show reunites them over the course of the season? Or do you hope Edith finds someone new and younger? It certainly won’t do to have her be a spinster — that line broke our hearts all over again.

Meanwhile, Downton is saved by the magical Swire money. We’re a little disappointed at the convenience of the letter Lavinia wrote to her father and his subsequent absolving of Matthew’s guilt. That would have been an interesting drama to play out longer over the season. Or what would have been really great, had the writers been on the ball, is if we had known all along about the letter. If there had a been a scene between Lavinia and Daisy and we knew that Reggie knew and named Matthew an heir anyway. That would have been excellent.

So this faux drama of the family leaving Downton is resolved. Did anyone really think they would have to?


The gossipy Gertrudes larking about with Mrs. Hughes’ illness and O’Brien possibly leaving provided for some rather hilarious side plots, so well done on that front. Plus, the Carson-Mrs. Hughes relationship has always been one of our favorites and his jolly singing when he learned she doesn’t have cancer got the waterworks started all over again.

In the epic battle between Thomas and O’Brien, we have the sneaking suspicion Thomas is in way over his pretty little head. And we’re totally rooting for O’Brien.

The thing with Ethel is getting a bit tired — move it along, stop having her just pop up for one scene every week. We didn’t like her last season and this season is doing nothing to change our feelings.

Finally, Bates is still mildly interesting, but that is also going to tire here in another episode or so. Hopefully Anna finds a break in the case — and not more total witches like that neighbor of Vera’s. No wonder they were friends.

Did you catch the previews for next week? Sybil and Branson seem to be in a bit of trouble, but if it gets them back to Downton for the rest of the pregnancy, that’s fine by us.

What did you think of episode 3?

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