sybil branson downton abbey season 3 premiere 'Downton Abbey' Season 3 episode 7 spoilers: Branson's [spoiler] comes to DowntonBig thing are happening on “Downton Abbey” Season 3. First off, the last episode that aired had a major event happen that we are going to talk about in this post, so stop reading if you don’t want to be spoiled. You have been warned.

ITV has released the info for the seventh episode of the season, which is also the second-to-last episode. And many things have our interests piqued. The description reads:

It’s a happy day for Downton as Anna’s patience is rewarded.

Edith receives admiration from an unexpected quarter.

Matthew refuses to back down over the estate management, will his tactics pay off?

Branson’s plan for the christening causes consternation, as does the arrival of his brother.

O’Brien counsels Thomas but what are her motives?

So, first off — it sounds like Bates is a free man! That’s good, because frankly, watching him and Anna moon over each other in prison is getting kind of boring. We also aren’t sure what an “unexpected quarter” is for Lady Edith — we suspect the writer of the text meant “unexpected courter,” as in a new suitor for Edith.

However, the big news is that Branson’s brother (presumably the one in Liverpool he and Sybil were speaking about before she died) is coming to visit. That should prove interesting. We wonder who plays him?

“Downton Abbey” airs Sunday nights in the U.K. and returns to the U.S. airwaves Jan. 6, 2013.

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