lady violet downton abbey season 3 tom branson 'Downton Abbey' Season 3 episode 7 spoilers: Lady Violet is once again a superhero“Downton Abbey” has almost finished its Season 3 run in the U.K.. Episode 7 brought us something we were so desperately hoping for after last week’s episode. Read on to find out!


Tom for agent of Downton! Tom for agent of Downton! Oh, what a splendid turn of events. The groundwork was laid last week when Tom and Matthew were discussing the running of the estate and Tom showed off his farming know-how. How delightful was it that Lady Violet is the one who came up with the idea.

It actually isn’t the least bit surprising — she’s a sharp old lady and even though she puts on airs, she’s obviously a big ol’ softie down deep. And you could tell by the way she’s been looking at Tom since Sybil died that she just aches for his loss.

The tension between Matthew and Robert is also delightful. It’s old school versus change, which feels very organic, plus, as Murray points out, Downton has gotten very lucky not to have gone under long before now. It’s easy to see where both men are coming from and it’s actually made for a very compelling storyline, especially considering the inherently boring nature of the subject matter. And speaking of of Matthew, here’s hoping there’s no truth to his worry he can’t have children.

Three cheers for Lady Edith going to London and accepting that newspaper job, though it certainly appears as though the show is thrusting her right back into a romantic relationship with a man who is authoritative to her (Strallan due to age, the editor due to position). No daddy issues there or anything. Heh.

But seriously, it’d be pretty great if she and the editor fall in love and are revolutionary writers in the big city together. That actually is quite fitting for Lady Edith, the farming daughter who learned to drive and all that.

Tom’s brother visiting didn’t cause quite the stir we thought he might, but it looks as though that may be forthcoming next week with Lady Violet’s great-grandniece Rose. Hmm.


O’Brien has really made a fine mess of things. It was fun to watch her mess with Thomas, but she’s gone too far for our taste now. Granted, perhaps Thomas should not have come to Jimmy’s room by night and accosted him like a creeper (it’s called subtlety, dude), but her little vendetta against Thomas has gone too far.

It’s hard to watch Carson be so ugly about it all, though that is perfectly in keeping with the times (heck, even the times now with some people). But it’s still hard because Carson is so great.

And finally, Lady Violet taking it upon herself to start the job-finding process for Ethel was really rather sweet. She’s just a big ol’ softie, guys.

The season finale (save the Christmas special airing in six weeks) is next week and it’s 90 minutes. We can hardly wait and we can also hardly believe it’s almost over.

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