lady mary tony gillingham downton abbey season 5 'Downton Abbey' Season 5 episode 2 spoilers: Mary's reputation is on the lineITV has released the description for “Downton Abbey” Season 5, episode 2, which teases some drama and intrigue coming to our favorite English country estate. Read on, but be warned of spoilers from the Season 5 premiere.

The description reads:

Following what happened the night before, Robert is left with a very difficult decision. Will he make the right choice?

Elsewhere, Daisy continues to struggle with her studies, as she does her best to improve her prospects so she doesn’t need to be an assistant cook all her life. And when Mrs Patmore comes up with an idea that might solve everything, could this provide the chink of light Daisy’s been searching for?

Thomas meanwhile continues his bullying of Baxter, doing his best to ruin things for him at the house if she doesn’t play his game – and it looks like he could even mess up her friendship with Molesley too, if he continues.

Rose’s attention is on a slightly more light-hearted issue, meanwhile, as she does her best to present the benefits of having a wireless at Downton.

Mary puts her reputation on the line, making Anna a reluctant accomplice.

Several things jump out at us. It says Robert is left “with a very difficult decision.” Does this mean Jimmy might not be fired as footman after Lord Grantham caught him shacking up with Lady Anstruther?

We know from the episode 2 photos that Rose does indeed succeed in getting wireless at Downton. Carson must be apoplectic.

Finally, why is Mary putting her reputation on the line? Is this about her running away with Tony Gillingham for a tawdry vacation? Woo woo.

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