lady edith downton abbey 'Downton Abbey': To Lady EdithWe’ve just recently started covering “Downton Abbey” here at Zap2it, but we’re ever so excited. It’s a marvelous show and we’re sorry we weren’t there for its first season. But we’re here for its second now and let us tell you, a lot is going down.

Warning: We know this show has aired in Britain already. Please do not reveal spoilers in the comments. It is airing for the first time in the States and we’d like to keep fans spoiler-free if we can.


In the Grantham part of the house this week, our favorite storyline was Lady Edith. It’s kind of sad she’s not working on the farm anymore, but she also got a little too friendly with Mr. Drake and we’re glad to see her finding a purpose within the confines of the Downton Abbey as a convalescent home. The general’s toast was particularly gratifying for a character we’ve always felt so sorry for.

Meanwhile, Lady Violet is hot on the trail of Lavinia with the help of Rosamund, but we’re glad to hear it’s mostly nothing. Sure, Lavinia helped expose the Marconi shares scandal, but she did it only to spare the life, wealth and reputation of her father.

It’s nice to see Rosamund and Lady Violet thwarted a little bit – Lavinia seems nice and as much as we want Matthew and Mary to be together, we don’t think Lavinia was a “scheming harlot,” as Rosamund called her.

Within the convalescent home, we find the dynamic between Cousin Isobel and Lady Cora to be quite entertaining, though we aren’t sure how long it can last.


The Daisy-William-Patmore just breaks out heart. We understand Daisy’s point that she doesn’t truly love Wlliam that way, but Mrs. Patmore also has a point that she can hardly be so harsh to him on his way out the door to fight the Great War.

We’re also glad Mr. Bates was found and that he has proof Vera was unfaithful to him. It’s not fair to women, but we kind of don’t care in the face of Mr. Bates and Anna being happy together.

Meanwhile, Ethel is engaging the interests of an Army chap. Does anyone feel that we are in for a rape storyline with this? He seems very dastardly when he’s on camera – they might as well have shown him twirling his mustache.

What did you think of the latest episode, “Downton Abbey” fans?

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